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my name is Quentin Francois (Resume), 23 years old, geek, sportsman and Ph.D. student in a company called Robeauté and in the ISIR laboratory at Sorbonne University. I share my profesional time between the two institutions. This is a particular french thesis type (Cifre thesis) which allows me to work for a company with the support of an academic laboratory. I'm a mechatronics engineer, graduated from the INSA Strasbourg. During these five years of formation I have developed some skills in mechanics, electronics and programming which allow me to work in multi-field domains like robotics, transport systems, production machines, ... I spent one study semester abroad, in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) in the microtechnologies section. This experience was amazing, I discovered a lot of domains and especially the downsizing (transition from a macroscopic scale to a microscopic one), the microsystems modelization, the flexible bioelectronics and the microfabrication technologies. Moreover, the contact with the research laboratories have confirmed my desire to participate at the sciences progression.

Out of the professionnal world, I like sports and especially team sports. I have played football since I was 10. I particularly enjoy the football because it combines collective aspect and technicality. I was very active in my two footbal clubs : player, captain, trainer of young players, webmaster and member of communication work group. I'm also fond of travel and new cultures discovery (the background is a photo of my roadtrip in Canada). Actually, I love to discover Paris by cycling. I've a passion for computing and new technologies. Moreover, I like to realize some computing personnal projects as websites, server, programs, ... Finally I love to spend some time to read about new trends in computing, sciences, management but also fantastic books just for fun.